Product and Quality Questions

How many children’s dresses is the minimum order?

No minimum quantity for the order.

How long does it take for a dress to be sewn?

The dress sewing lasts for 4-6 weeks.

Are changes in your dresses possible?

Changes are possible, but the minimum, for example, a dress can be sewn with a train or not, with or without a bolero, with or without sleeves. You can also change the skirt’s satin material on the tulle one, or vice versa. It depends on the specific type of model and price changes depending on the changes.

Can you sew a dress according to individual sizes?

Yes we do,we sew dresses to individual sizes for extra charge.

Is it possible to sew dresses for larger sizes?

Yes, we sew dresses for larger sizes. The price of such products differs from the usual. There are also dresses that we don’t sew in the large sizes.

Is the material replacement possible? (one is on the picture, another is in fact)?

Unfortunately, sometimes the original lace are not available. Then it will be replaced with another one, but in the same price category, even the fabric is more expensive, we keep the original price.

What discount can I get for the order?

From 3 to 9 dresses – 3%

From 10 to 19 dresses – 4%

From 20 to 29 dresses – 5%

30 or more – 6%

Do you sell veils, coats, gloves and other accessories for little girls?

We sew only children’s models, and do not produce accessories at the moment. From accessories we can offer only the boleros and belts for our dresses.

Do you have ready dresses in stock now?

We have some dresses in stock but usually we sew dresses after the payment for each client individually.

How and where do you deliver the good?

We are trying to find the best rates for shipping for our clients. The shipping cost depends on the number of dresses and their weight and the clients location.

Where are the dresses made?

All our dresses are made in EUROPE, we don’t work with China, we provide dresses with the best and highest quality of fabric.

Can you create a dress in another color, if I send you the material- or can I purchase fabric?

Though we have resources to create a dress for you, we cannot be responsible for fabrics that involve a custom dress. We will, however work with you in any way we can to find a dress that matches your color choice. There hasn’t been a color yet that we cannot match.

Do I need a petticoat/ crinoline or slip with the dresses that you sell- and how do I make the dress puffy?

About 99% of our dresses all have additional crinoline built into the second layer of the dress. All of our dresses are fully lined so there is no itchy scratchy fabric on your child’s body. You may choose to leave it as it is or separate the netting to “pouf” it out. To separate the crinoline you can pull it apart in your hand and scrunch it like you are rolling something. For single layer crinolines we always roll it up and scrunch it. The more that you play with the crinoline, the more puffy the dress will become. If you have a child that is super sensitive to fancy clothing, then it would be best that you have them wear a little cotton tank under the dress so that they are comfortable. For some young children, this may be the first formal dress they have worn, so keep an open mind that this is something new and different for them.

How do I care for my dress?

If desired, we recommend that you set your iron on a heat of level 1 for any tulle netting (usually outside layers), mirror or crystal organza, level 2 and for any satin level 3-4. You are the best one to judge your iron, however, take your time when doing so and the dress will be crisp and wonderful! Any attempt at doing it quickly will result in a hole or burn on the dress. For cleaning we advise “Dry clean only”. Please do not try to hand wash these items, we all know, it never looks the same and they will shrink and warp. Be kind to the dress and have them professionally dry cleaned so they will last for future wearing. Unless a garment is tagged 100% Cotton, we recommend Dry Clean Only for our garments.

Do you have Final Sale items?

The items we sell are made or filled by that manufacturer specifically for your order. We keep many of our items as final sale to keep the best quality of dresses in stock for our customers as no one wants to purchase a returned dress. Please see our Policy Page for the details on our Return/Exchange Policy.

18.  Can a customer order multiple dresses to try on and return?

We prefer to not ship multiple dresses for trying on purposes for one child as this unnecessarily removes dresses from our inventory that another customer may be in need of.  Please be aware that we do have a seamstress on staff that is available for offering sizing suggestions to help find the best fit dress for your child. To receive sizing assistance, please submit a ticket in the Notes with your child’s measurements. Please note, when submitting a sizing inquiry, the information needed is: age, chest, waist, top of shoulder to floor measurement, and the wear date. Because we are a discounter, please be considerate to our company in taking out dresses that are needed to be sold. Please understand that as our margins are low on these dresses, we would be at a loss to cover your order if the majority of them are returned.

Shipping Outside of the USA

1. Do you require someone to sign for the package?

Yes, do not require a signature but not on all dresses. However, USPS or your local delivery service does reserve the right to obtain a signature if they feel that they are not able to leave the package secured (i.e.: dog, rain, close proximity to a lot of foot traffic).

Do you ship to outside of USA?

Yes, however, to find out if your country is eligible for shipping with our company, please submit a ticket in our email prior to placing the order so that we can confirm shipping to your country. We ship all international orders every 3 business days through GEM (Global Express Mail) which arrives to most countries within 5- 7 business days. Please allow at least 10 days from time that we ship the item to clear customs and arrive to you.

How can I track the status of my international order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation of your USPS.com tracking number which will be emailed to the email account that you used to place the order. If you have spam blockers or filters- it may hit one of those files. Please note, the tracking information will be directly from www.usps.com so please check this before contacting us for status.

If you have not received your shipment notification email (and you have checked your spam blocker and deleted files) and would like to find your order status, please submit a ticket in the Order Status Department. We will get back to you promptly during normal business hours.

What happens if my international order has already been shipped and I input the incorrect shipping address while placing my order?

We are not able to correct the international shipping address once a package has been shipped. It is extremely important to enter the correct information while placing your order on our site. If the box has not left our facility, then we can correct the address, however, once it has left and been shipped from our offices, there is no way to get this corrected.

Are your international shipping times guaranteed?

Our shipping times for international packages are based on shipping times given to us by United States Postal Service Global Express Service; however, we do not control how long a package will take to arrive internationally as this is determined by the length of time it takes to proceed through your local customs. Normally, they arrive in 7-10 business days or less once shipped. Some countries arrive quicker than 7 business days. However, do not push your wear date on international orders and give yourself enough time as we cannot speed up any shipment once it has left our facility.

Shipping and Express Shipping in the USA

Do you require someone to sign for the package?

Yes, we require a signature unless you contact us to let us know before shipping. However, UPS does reserve the right to obtain a signature if they feel that they are not able to leave the package secured (i.e.: dog, rain, close proximity to a lot of foot traffic). To request signature, please submit a ticket in the email as soon as the order has been placed so that we may get this taken care of for you. Additionally, our Shipping Manager may reserve the right on any order to require a signature.

How can I track the status of my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation of your UPS tracking number which will be emailed to the email account that you used to place the order. If you have spam blockers or filters- it may hit one of those files.

If you have not received your shipment notification email and would like to find your order status, please submit a ticket at fairytales.couture@yahoo.com. We will get back to you promptly during normal business hours.

My wedding is tomorrow! Can you get me a dress?

Yes and no. Yes, we can get the dress for you if it is available and hanging in our emergency stock for immediate shipping. Additional rush shipping charges of $20.00 do apply to all orders being shipped the same day. This is in addition to any shipping charges. Rush charges are incurred due to our staff has to make an unscheduled arrangement with our shippers to send the items. Additionally, your rush order is shipped and bumped ahead of other orders that can result in our staff working overtime to get all boxes out. If you are looking for an item that will quickly ship, you should look for any dress that says same day shipped if ordered before 10am PST. Also, our closeout and sale category items all ship same day before 10am PST and you are sure to find a great bargain!

Please Note: All orders that need to go out on Express must be called in by 11 am PST to go out that same day (if the item is available and hanging in our emergency stock). Please submit a ticket prior to placing the order so that we may confirm availability before the order is placed. All RUSH orders that are called in for same day shipping are considered final sale

Sizing & Measurements

How do I measure my girl?

The best way to measure your girl is to measure her (bare-skinned) with a smooth tape measure and obtain the chest, waist and top of the shoulder to floor. For the Chest Measurement you will take the tape measure under her arms and go directly over the bust line. Get an actual measurement- do not place your finger or give an inch- you will want to see exactly what she measures in inches. For the Waist Measurement, you will want to take the tape measure and go around her right at the belly button. Some children have a slight pooch belly, so you will want to measure the widest point of where it sticks out. Most of our dresses should fall mid-calf to ankle so looking at the length measurement is important. You always have to consider that the length measurements of a dress are from the top shoulder seam to the hem line- so that is where you will want to measure from. You will take the tape measure all the way down the front of her and see where it falls on the leg. This should be around mid-calf to ankle for a ballerina length. 

Do your dress sizes run big or small?

To avoid exchanges, please take a few minutes to measure the child that you are purchasing for and compare them to our garment measurements provided for each dress. Please do not assume that just because the child wears a size 6, then any size 6 dress will fit. While sometimes this is true, you always have to look closely at the proportions of a child’s body in comparison to the garment measurements. We are happy to assist any sizing questions that you may have.
If you have measured and compared the child’s measurements to the size charts and are still having questions, our seamstress on staff will be more than happy to help. We will need the actual chest, waist and top of shoulder to floor measurements along with the child’s age and wear date. Contact our Sizing Department for help with measurements and sizing.

Is there any room in the seams of the dresses to be let out if needed?

Most all of the dresses have 1/4 inch which is surged into the side seams, however, please do not purchase a dress that is the same size or smaller than your child. It will lead to unnecessary disappointments for our most important customer-your child. Most of the times, a garment can be altered in and made smaller, however, do not assume with any item that you purchase online can be let out on the side seams as there is not enough to be made bigger (unless we have put this info in the description of the item). We strongly recommend purchasing bigger if you have any doubts that a garment will fit a child.

Pre-Ordering Questions

Do you have a store that I can pick up my order?

Unfortunately, we are solely an online retailer in which we do not have a local store open to the public. Unlike most of our competitors, we do have a physical warehouse location. If you are a local client and wish to pick up only, prior arrangements can possibly be made. We cannot accommodate walk up clients that are shopping as our staff and warehouse are not set up for this type of service.

Can I order on-line or can I order it over the phone?

You are welcome to place over the phone; however, we will still require all of the same information as our online store. Most people choose to order online due to increased site privacy and security. Please note, that the quickest way for your order to be placed is to simply place the order online as this will ensure that your order is immediately placed into our system for the fastest processing. Additionally, our online orders are processed faster as they go straight to our shipping department for processing.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover, and ATM debit cards and PayPal. You may also send us a Money Order. We also accept checks through our preferred partner PayPal.com.  Paypal.com is an online payment service that’s fast easy and free and best of all- takes minutes to complete the transaction. Please be aware that when paying via check through PayPal.com, the order will not be processed and shipped until the check has been cleared. NOTE: We do not accept Gift Cards online. If you wish to pay us with a Gift Card, you will need to call in your order and our CSR agents will be happy to manually build this order for you over the phone.

Do you require sales tax on your orders?

All orders shipped to a Illinois address do have applicable sales taxes applied to the total of the order through checkout. A lot of sites claim “no tax” if shipping outside of IL on out of state shipping as a gimmick to confuse people to think that they are getting an extra savings. However, it is pretty simple- by law- a merchant collects sales tax only if the order is shipping within the same state they are in. So, we only collect sales tax in IL out of state shipping is FREE of tax.

How can I speak with a customer service representative?

We do have highly skilled and knowledgeable, local and English speaking customer service representatives available during our business hours to answer any questions that you may have. We ask that you email your inquiries through our e-mail  in which your question will be directed to a specific CSR agent who is trained to quickly resolve the needs of your inquiry. Furthermore, we do not outsource any of our staff and they are at our locations. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not hire illegal residents. With internet companies, you should be cautious of doing business with ones who do not have a physical location or do not have phone numbers listed on their site. There is a reason that they do not want you to know! We suggest that you do not support these types of sites for your own safety.

Is your website Secure?

Yes, our website is secured. You can view our security logos at the bottom of each page on our website in which you can be assured that your transaction information is secured to provide you with the safest and most confidential resources. We take this very seriously and pay for security to insure we along with our customers are safe and secure.

Returns & Exchanges

1. What if I get the dress and it doesn’t fit?

You should contact our company with 24 hours of receiving the dress (or item) by submitting a ticket in the E-mail. Please remember, all dresses that are stamped as final sale and all dresses received on a Friday or Saturday via air, cannot be returned. 

2. How do I make a return or exchange?

Exchange and Return information is handled via email only.  Please send us an e-mail and submit a ticket to our Request Department and they will assist you in making your return or exchange on eligible items.

3. Do you offer prepaid labels for all items on your website?

We issue prepaid labels for exchanges made on eligible dresses as a courtesy to our customers. To see what dresses are eligible please view our Return Policy.  

4. Do I have to pay shipping to make an exchange?

Shipping charges on any item that is not an eligible dress is the buyer’s responsibility. See our Policy Page for a full explanation of our policy.

5. How many days do I have to return my items to you?

If you decide you would like to make a return or exchange, please contact us right away by submitting a ticket to our support site  as this will ensure that we receive your items back in time.  Any item that is eligible to be returned or exchanged must be back into our facility within 14 days after receipt of the package.

6. Why can’t you take items back after 14 days?

The reason we cannot accept returns after 14 days is because the manufacturer will no longer accept an item back from us once it has passed the 14 days.  Also, it is a product liability for us to be able to resell an item once it has been out of our possession past this 14-days as we cannot in good faith accept the dress back in and then resell it to another client when it has been in someone else’s possession for over 14 days. We require you to notify us upon arrival if there are any issues with your order. You need to inspect and let us know if there are any issues that need to be corrected. We cannot and do not take back any items for any reasons after 30 days. Due to product liability, we cannot accommodate any request for return after 14 days.